Making it safe to talk about family violence in health care

Atawhai is about connection and relationships, whakapapa and mana

Atawhai is a three-year research project conducted in the Bay of Plenty that seeks to make it easier for primary care professionals to respond to whānau experiencing or using violence.

Family violence significantly affects our health and wellbeing. However, health professionals can be unsure of what to do, or how to help. Atawhai is led by a group of primary care providers from across the Bay of Plenty, including general practitioners, nurses, social workers and management. Through deliberative dialogue workshops we are sharing and learning what it is like to care for those using or experiencing family violence and what is needed to support safe and effective responses. 

At the heart of Atawhai is whānau. Men, women and children need empathetic, compassionate and helpful responses when seeking care for using or experiencing violence at home. 

Our Partners & Collaborators

This research is funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand.
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